Stroller INVICTUS 2.0 2in1 03/02 gray textile with wooden frame

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Invictus 2.0 is a new generation of universal lightweight strollers for newborns.
The new product combines an environmental trend and the use of the latest technologies.


The Invictus 2.0 stroller is equipped with a cradle with a base made of expanded polystyrene with unique thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.
This approach to creating a cradle allowed us to abandon plastic and at the same time made the cradle itself easier.
The Invictus 2.0 aluminum frame is V-shaped and equipped with additional shock absorbers for comfortable rides on uneven roads.

A useful innovation of the Invictus 2.0 walking module is a foam headrest with soft sides.
The anatomical shape of the headrest helps support the child's head when he is resting or falling asleep.
The Invictus 2.0 stroller unit takes your baby's comfort and safety to a new level.

The hood is equipped with an additional section with an anti-mosquito net and a two-level sunshade. Height adjustable with buttons on the sides in 2 positions.
Functional cover with a lapel protects from the wind. The lapel is attached with magnets, and there is a viewing window under it. Zippers on the sides of the case allow you to interact with the baby without having to completely unfasten the case.
Thanks to the Max-Click adapters, the cradle can be easily removed and installed on the chassis. Three locking elements prevent the cradle from tilting and excessive shaking on uneven roads.
The soft padding and mattress are made of memory foam. In the sides of the cradle there are convenient pockets for small things.
The large hood is equipped with an additional section with a zipper, a ventilated window and a sun visor. The back and footrest are adjustable. There is a support for the legs.
A 5-point safety belt with soft pads, removable bumper and anti-slip jumper securely fix the child in the stroller.
A foam headrest with soft sides helps support the child's head when they are resting or falling asleep.
Thanks to the lower and additional shock absorbers located on the frame, the stroller is soft in use. All shock absorption and braking systems are integrated into the chassis.
The wheels are gel, tubeless, easy to remove for transportation. The front wheels rotate 360°, with the possibility of fixing straight.
The frame is compactly folded together with the wheels using buttons on the sides.

Features of the Invictus V-Plus 2.0 stroller

Strong aluminum frame with metal elements and brand logo;
The frame is easily and compactly folded;
Gel wheels with a ribbed structure, do not require pumping;
The front wheels are equipped with a swivel mechanism with locking;
Wheels on shock absorbers;
The stroller frame has additional cushioning;
The shock absorption stiffness is adjustable;
The handle of the stroller is covered with a pleasant-to-touch material, height-adjustable;
All blocks are installed on the frame using Max-Click technology;
The cradle frame is made of innovative EPP foam material (expanded foam);
The cradle has easy access to the child without removing the cover, which fastens with 2 parallel locks and magnetic buttons;
The hood of the cradle is adjustable, equipped with a two-level visor and a section for ventilation;
A convenient lapel in the cradle with a silicone window is attached to magnets;
The interior of the cradle with the effect of "memory" is made of natural materials 100% cotton, removable for washing;
The cradle has two internal pockets for change;
Mattress in the cradle with the "memory" function»;
Headboard of the cradle with a lifting mechanism;
The walking block is reversible, installed on the frame both facing the parents and in the direction of movement;
The back of the walking block has 3 tilt positions, including reclining;
The position of the back is adjusted by a convenient button on the back;
The hood has an additional section and an observation window that is ventilated;
The protective bumper easily detaches in any direction;
The sliding safety belt is attached to the bumper with buttons;
The footrest is adjustable and made of plastic, provides easy care;
5-point safety belts with soft elements;
Additional headrest for fixing the head, removable and height-adjustable;

Complete set of the Invictus V-Plus 2.0 stroller

Frame with wheels;
Cradle with memory foam mattress;
Walking block with a protective pillow;
Mosquito net;
Changing Mat;
Bag for mom;
The cover on the legs;
Coffee holder.

Product Details

Carry cot length
72 cm
Carry cot width
30 cm
Carry cot depth
20 cm
Carry cot weight
3,50 kg
Seat unit width
32 cm
Seat unit back rest height
50 cm
Seat unit seat length
30 cm
Seat unit leg rest length
22 cm
Seat unit weight
4,00 kg
Frame material
Unfolded frame length with wheels
102 cm
Unfolded frame width with wheels
60 cm
Unfolded frame height with wheels
104 cm
Folded frame height with wheels
37 cm
Folded frame width with wheels
60 cm
Folded frame length with wheels
75 cm
Frame weight with wheels
7,90 kg
Handle bar neutral height
104 cm
Handle bar max height
113 cm
Handle bar lowest height
76 cm
Front wheels size
Rear wheels size
Locking front wheels
Reflective elements
Raincover included
Foot brake
Hand brake
Shopping basket
Mosquito net included
Cup Holder

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