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The classic modular stroller Roan Emma - is a modern inexpensive stroller cradle on a classic soft chassis with modern features. The classic chassis is considered to be the most comfortable for all roads and climate, it is very soft and at the same time passable.


The cradle of Roan Emma is made of plastic, which is not afraid of temperature changes, moisture and heat. The outer size of the cradle: 86 x 42 cm. The inner size of the top of the cradle: 82 x 38 cm. The depth of the cradle: 24 cm. The weight of the cradle: 5 kg. Inside the cradle is an orthopedic mattress, which has 2 sides, one filled with coconut fiber, the second - with felt - suitable for different seasons. The cover of the mattress removable cotton. The bed on the mattress is: 76 x 36 cm. The thickness of the mattress is -2 cm. At the bottom of the cradle there are special openings for ventilation, thanks to them condensate will not form in the cradle. The internal upholstery of the cradle is made of cotton, it can be removed for washing. Inside the cradle there is a lifting mechanism, the baby can be seated or the head lifted. The cradle can be used as a cradle with the possibility of fixation. The cradle hood is very functional, it has a section with an anti-mosquito net for ventilation, which closes with a zipper.

On the hood there is a hard handle - carrying. In front there is an additional weather hood, which is hidden under the hood. Interior trim hood made of organic cotton. The insulated cape is mounted on two buttons and has an additional lapel, which, together with the visor, completely covers the child from the weather or prying eyes.

The walking block Roan Emma can be installed in two positions (face in the direction of travel or "facing the mother"). The footboard rises and lengthens the sleeper to the lower trimmed with silicone to protect against dirt. On the walking block there are five-point seat belts and a removable bumper stopper. The walking unit has its large functional hood with an additional silicone visor and a closed section with an anti-mosquito net. The front legs are closed with a warm cape.

The chassis frame of Roan Emma has increased strength. Rocking the frame is due to four springs. The handle is trimmed with eco-leather and has 9 adjustments in height from 72 to 108 cm from the floor. The required element is installed on the frame - parking brake, it is activated by pressing the pressure plate. A special fuse will not accidentally fold the frame with the child, it will also help when placing the stroller in a small elevator. Also mounted on the frame is a removable metal basket. On the handle of the frame you can hang a bag for mom. The bag is mounted on the handle or can be worn on the shoulder. The bag has a main compartment and a special bag for the bottle.


Sleeping bed

Walking block

Orthopedic mattress

Product basket

Frame with wheels

A bag for Mother

Product Details

Carry cot length
76 cm
Carry cot width
35 cm
Frame material
Unfolded frame length with wheels
108 cm
Unfolded frame width with wheels
60 cm
Folded frame height with wheels
40 cm
Folded frame width with wheels
60 cm
Front wheels size
Rear wheels size
Reflective elements
Foot brake
Hand brake
Shopping basket
Mosquito net included
Cup Holder
Not included

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